June Price

Founder of Healing Conversations, CEO, & Facilitator  

June Price is an author, business owner, pastor, facilitator, and consultant. She is a peacemaker that believes in the importance of connection. June Price is the founder and CEO of Healing Conversation and Priceless Ministries International. She has been in ministry for over 25 years. She has facilitated countless teachings and trainings for ministries and organizations over the years.

June Price received a BA in English from The College of Wooster and MA in Organizational Management from Spring Arbor University in Michigan. She has 28 years of teaching experience as an educator in secondary and higher education. She traveled to various places around the world to learn about cultural diplomacy, competencies, and humility. After leaving the classroom, she wrote her first book MyJune’s Cottage: And They Thought I Was Alone. In this book, she writes about overcoming a racially hostile work environment and more.

For over 40 years, a constant for June Price have been diversity and racial justice work. In 2018, she created a forum entitled Healing Conversations to have difficult conversations around race. In 2021, she developed a business structure for Healing Conversations to help organizations, churches, businesses, communities, and individuals. The purpose is to have conversations that help to heal around the topics about dreaming, equity, culture, race and more. In additional, June Price created dream pictures to help people dream again through facilitation.

In 2023, June Price also became the Social Justice Pastor for City of Promise a non-denominational church in Fairfield, Ohio. She has a social justice live stream on every other Thursday, entitled a "JUST CAUSE." 

MyJune's Cottage

"And They Thought I was Alone"

MyJune’s Cottage is the tale of an African American teacher (MyJune) who was assigned to a school in an all-white environment during the late 1990’s through 2007. It takes place in a cottage neara lake in Michigan.The story is prompted by the niece of MyJune, who was called a n#@&%* by a boy in her class, during a time when prejudice and name calling are no longer part of the human experience. MyJune’s great-neice wants to know what the word means, why she was called it and why the person found it so funny. The story is told to the great-niece of MyJune along with some her friends. The girls are so intrigued by the story they desire to come again and again until the tale is told in full. MyJune attempts to use her life’s story to answer her great-niece’s questions. The young girls come to the cottage to eat MyJune’s special treats, to hear her story, and gain wisdom about race, life and God. They will never be the same.

Dream Pictures

Dream pictures are the facilitated healing work of you seeing the totality of who you are down on paper.