HC Consulting

Facilitated experiences, resources, and support for individuals, teams, and organizations embarking on an anti-racist and anti-biased journey


Dream Pictures

A process created by Healing Conversation's founder more than 20 years ago, to help people realize their dreams and serve as a tool for achieving their goals

Book Studies

Intentional and thoughtfully curated engagement with provocative texts, which enlighten, empower, and cultivate growth in participants.


Facilitated dialogue in a safe, challenging and interactive format that increases awareness, provoked reflection, and results in healing

Group Consulting





Healing One on One

Individual Consulting

Healing One on One is designed to help you move forward in the racial reconciliation journey that God has for you. We can assist whether you are at the beginning of doing this work, or are struggling with what to do. It is also available for people that would like to talk about race outside of a group.

Courses on Race

You are invited to participate in this unique opportunity to sign up for our course on race. If you desire to go beyond the surface, this is for you. The course discusses topics such as systemic racism, policing, white supremacy, privilege, history, reconciliation, and more. It is a course designed to examine core topics through a Christian lens and provide a safe place for exchange.  We dive into the origins of these topics, but also look at today's implications. Additionally, we brainstorm application,  action, and strategy to bring healing.