Andrea Price

Co-Owner & Facilitator  

Andrea Price is an eclectic and passionate artist and business owner with a love for social justice. She has a BFA in Studio Art with a concentration in 2-D Studies from the University of Toledo in Toledo, Ohio. Price also works in the field of arts administration for a local nonprofit called The Arts Commission, as their Artist Services Manager assisting local artists. Additionally, Andrea Price is currently getting a Master of Arts in Counseling with a concentration in Art Therapy at Pennsylvania Western University (formally know as Edinboro University.)

The major themes of her work focus on social justice in relationship to people of color, especially within the black community. As a result of her interest in social justice, she began exploring the history of race and how it shapes different societies and cultures around the world. 

Andrea Price is also a business owner. She is the co-owner of Healing Conversations with her mom, June Price. She is also the owner of an art business entitled Andrea & Her Art. 

Andrea Price has had the honor of watching and participating in the evolution of Healing Conversations. Healing Conversations has helped in her own journey toward antiracism. She is excited to share her perspective and knowledge with others willing to examine the ways racial divides have impacted our families, churches, workplaces and ourselves. Andrea Price is hopeful and fighting for a world of equity that acknowledges and celebrates the vast amount of cultural diversity that God intentionally created.

Andrea & Her Art

Andrea & Her Art is a black woman-owned business that specializes in creating functional, luxurious masterpieces. Andrea & Her Art originals are designed to bring joy, comfort and peace. Each handmade and hand machine sewn pieces of art is created with love and care. During 2020, Andrea Price discovered a desire to make art work that people can enjoy in their homes. She believes that people are most powerful when they are comfortable. Through each work of art, she wants to empower people to enjoy all the feelings that come with relaxation.